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Fair trade organic coffee for sale shipped to your door. Due to a discussion over at KISS about quintiles and biquintiles, I was inspired to offer you something about all of the aspects generated by the 5th harmonic aspect series and all derivative series, including the 10th, 15th, and 20th harmonics. About 10 years ago I gave you an article about the basics of the 5th and 10th harmonic aspects, i. There has been a lot written about the Quintile series of aspects, much of it vague, fairly generalized, and often speculative.

Since these angles occur with great frequency, I thought reintroducing them with my take can give you valuable insights into this misunderstood but very powerful series of aspects. The entire 5th Harmonic aspect series is based on division of the circle by 5, yielding 72 degrees as the primary aspect, which we know as the Quintile.

The Quintile & Bi-Quintile

It's glyph is a star. This aspect represents specialization, gifts, and unique conditions. It is an aspect of creativity. No matter how similar it may be to other quintiles in other charts and times, each quintile is a unique quality or condition. Any quintile represents a high degree of specialized force or form, something unique brought forth, an act, talent, or thing that has been transformed out of generic materials.

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All the other aspects in the series to some degree show this energy of specialization, but in different phases of the process than the Quintile itself. The types of high specialization or unique gifts and talents are shown by the planets involved and where they fall and rule in the chart. The planets show the specialization, and the houses the planets in quintile fall in show the life areas where they will be discovered and worked out. I've found, though, that if the productive possibilities of those interrelated planetary energies haven't been developed, then the quintile will not be as evident as it would be had the ground been prepared to bring forth that gift.

For example, someone may have a potential musical gift, but if they never learn how to play an instrument, their ability to demonstrate that gift will be severely limited. Someone may have a unique healing power, but it will only come forth randomly if at all without proper training.

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It is an interactive unique form of self-expression that often involves other people and their unique gifts, whether they align harmoniously with yours or not. Biquintiles, because they are interactive, always involve either a 5th house or 8th house form of expression. Of course, the interactivity will show in the houses where the planets in biquintile occupy, and again, only to the degree that each party represented by the planets in biquintile have specialized their part of the interactive dance. The Decile, or Semi-quintile, is a 36 degree aspect showing a partly developed creative uniqueness, a minor gift, or some other manifestation of specialized creativity.

It either secures a unique tendency the waxing decile , or is the final flowering of a gift already realized waning decile. Its glyph has two lines, with a vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal in the middle of the horizontal line. We now take a look at what I believe is the least-understood and most underappreciated aspect of the 5th and 10th harmonic series, the Tredecile. This is a highly specialized aspect of degrees, which besides being a mythological "Sacred number" symbolizing Divine Mother Energy, is also the complementary angle to the Quintile.

Thus the Tredecile indicates a very special type of unique energy that complements whatever uniqueness, gifts, or specialized quintessence are occurring at the moment in a situation. Its glyph is a "V" on top of a vertical line, with two horizontal lines just below the V. Hitler was able to deal with his psychological problems Mercury rules the 12th house in his birth chart by communications.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: October 14 - 2 Quintile Aspects

Now everyone born that day had similar configurations in their charts. Why was Hitler different? Well for one thing, the Moon was part of the configuration, and the Moon was in place for only a few hours. But his Mid-Heaven closely aspects his Moon, Neptune, and Chiron, and also his Sun providing a link between that powerful communication configuration and his personality.

Unfortunately, he dealt with these wounds by making more wounds.


A more positive example of a strong 5th harmonic chart Quintiles is Mozart. In his birth chart, Venus art is powerful because it is his only planet in a Cadent House. But the only apparent aspect seems to be a trine to Mars, and while this does add activity, it seems to leave poor Venus without connection to the rest of his life. In fact, there are eight conjunctions in his 5th harmonic, and each one represents a quintile or a bi-quintile in his birth chart. Talent on top of talent. The Sun and Mercury in that 5th harmonic chart make trines to the Mid-Heaven, making it easier for that talent to come before the public.

All of which were primarily self taught. I notice an when learning new techniques, they flow right through me. A channel maybe? This flow happens the easiest with the subjects above but not limited to them. Maybe that 1 quintile allows me to draw the two opposite energies together to achieve a creative balance between the greater benefic and the greater malefic?

Hi Niki, thank you for sharing your experience with Saturn quintile Jupiter. It would seem likely that there are additional statements about creativity in your horoscope. For example, Aquarian Ascendant, being ruled by Uranus, makes Uranus the planet of genius as one might say that much more important.


By the way, the term malefic is severely outdated — modern astrologers recognize that Saturn is essential for progress and achievement in any horoscope…. I love this article on Quintiles. I was just wondering when counting the number of quintiles in a chart do you count the Bi-quintiles and semi-quintiles as well? I personally do not count biquintile or semiquintile…Otherwise we end up with too many of these aspects. It looks important lol. Is it possible that it is similar to a yod, but maybe with less of the ordeals? Hi Olivia, yod or finger of god is just a fancy name for a midpoint picture. Once you understand the energies of the 3 planets involved, the strengths and challenges it poses will become clear. No comment on biquintiles :. Just realized a Grand Trine is also then just a fancy name for a midpoint picture. Same with a kite… They all kind of are, weird. Yes, although Grand Trine deserves a special consideration because of the stability it brings to the psyche, for better or worse it can mean resilience or inertia.

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Studied Astrology since I was twelve and am fifty-nine now. Very excited for the intelligent perspective you provide. Thank you for your time and consideration. The quintiles from personal planets to pluto are destructive in some way even if creative? We would still consider this in terms of creative potential. What would you say about Venus exactly quintile south node? Venus quintile Nodal axis might suggest doing well in a group setting, or being well received. Think in terms of what type of creative expression you enjoy, and if that is somehow reflected in these measurements.

Hello, love the post by the way! Not, trying to appear more Creative as you said…. Albeit, Biquintile must hold some creativity? Add too many measurements and then you lose touch with the meaning, since most people will have some of these aspects. I have been pursuing so many other areas, but since I deal with so many artists, I am truly enjoying doing research on Quintiles.

It was as though the words suggested not only the rhythm, but the pitch of the notes and their relation to one another. I had no idea this was unusual.

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  • Edit, please: NE is biquintile JU, not quintile as my passage above suggests. My apologies for the confusion oh, Neptune, my Neptune — excuse, I know ;- Ciao. Thanks so much for this informative, professional piece I have several quintiles and biquintiles in my chart, as well as a novile from Mars to Mercury. I can relate to all the comments about creativity and thinking outside the box that finally are being given expression late in life.

    I'm also an astrologer, studied it for 30 years now, always learning new things…. Not sure about other deciles, but quindecile has a distinctly different flavor from quintiles. As mentioned in the quindecile post, it refers to a degree aspect popularized by Noel Tyl it originally meant multiples of 15 degree aspect, which is divided by Thank you for posting this really wonderful article!

    I read that deciles are part of the quintile family and can be interpreted like a quintile. Is this true?