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The business trip of people of Leo will continue as usual in the first week of October However, you will continue to get signs of minor problems. In the second Read More. In the first week of October , people of Virgo will be engaged actively in the formation of their career.

As a result, you will continue to make good progress. This Read More. In the first week of October , people of Libra zodiac will be more likely to improve their career and move forward. You will earn good success during this time. Read More. In the first week of October , people of Scorpio will continue to enrich their business. You will have a great success in this direction. As a result, your happiness Read More.

In the first week of October , people of Sagittarius will be equipped with more opportunities to set up their career. You will have a great advantage in the areas of Read More. In the first week of October , people of Capricorn will be engaged in further enrichment of their livelihood. But there will be trouble with increasing Read More. In the first week of October , you will be struggling to earn good progress in your personal and professional life.

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You will continue to find solutions for dealing with Read More. In the first week of October , people of Pisces will be able to upgrade their business. As a result you will be having great success.

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You will be considered for Read More. Personalised Predictions. Siddh Astro Remedies. Puja and Anushthan. User Review My experience has been very rewarding and all the solutions given by Pandit Umesh ji have shown very positive results. For the full skinny, be sure to read your Sun and Rising sign! Happy Birthday, Libra. With the cosmic juggernauts of Pluto and Saturn forming a tense square to your Sun peaking between Oct. Or not! Clearing the air and holding space for that sort of transformation to occur — which can make some Libra want to run for the hills — is what really expands your power and feelings of well-being.

Others may look to you for how you communicate and keep the scales balanced with unanticipated twists and turns of life. Choose the high road. The planet of love, beauty, and all things relationship is heading your way, Scorpio!

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On Oct. You excel at the complexity and know-how to x-ray others with a glance, but this is Libra season after all and even passionate Scorpios need some levity in their love lives. While it may sound superficial, with Venus in the 1st House, paying attention to your appearance and indulging in visual accouterments that bring your sexy back not that it is ever lost would do you well. In sum, play your Venus card and practice the art of allowing in and letting go of preconceived notions of how things, relationships, people are supposed to be.

You may be realizing, especially as mid-month approaches, the limitations of relying too much on yourself and going solo.

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New sources of income are trying to find you, but that may mean something has to go. Such is the nature of the Pluto and Saturn conjunction in your 2nd House of Income. Capricorns are stepping up the game in their career as Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun travel through the illustrious 10th House of Status. Especially after Oct. While Capricorns can be private and stoic individuals, you benefit this month from playing the social card. The only caveat is that this is not about your ego or control or being better than anyone.

The first-quarter moon in Capricorn on Oct. Build it and they will come! This is really a time to follow your heart, especially when it comes to 6th House themes like work, service, and health. Your beliefs are changing, and you may find yourself cavorting with some charming individuals that open you up to new adventures. After Oct. Relationships are getting a run for their money, as the instinct to bond is strong. New levels of intimacy are only achieved through new challenges although facing a common enemy or unknown could really help cement who has your back and make for a rich and passionate month.

By Oct. You could surprise yourself on Oct. Come the new moon of Oct. Keep a special intention close and goals around financial abundance have extra power! These Planetary Spirits exercise a particular influence on the evolving beings upon other planets according to the development attained by such beings. The lower in the scale of evolution a being is placed the more potent are the effects of the planetary influences; the higher, the wiser and the more individualized a being is, the more it is able to shape its own course and the less it will be actuated by the stellar vibrations.

That is why Astrology applied to daily life helps us. It gives a knowledge of our weaknesses and the tendencies to evil in our nature; it shows us our strength and the times most opportune for development of added power for good.

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The modern astronomer divorces the spiritual aspect of the celestial science, Astrology, which he pooh-poohs an "an exploded superstition," from the material phase, Astronomy, counting eight primary planets [plus Pluto] in our solar system--Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury. He shows through the telescope that they exist and thinks he has proved that religion knows not whereof it speaks when it asserts that there are seven planets in the solar system.

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The Mystic, however, points to Bode's Law as vindicating his assertion that Neptune does not really belong to our solar system. The law is this: If we write a series of 4's, add 3 to the second, 6 to the third, 12 to the fourth, etc. Thus, to illustrate: Mercury. Besides revolving in their orbits around the Sun, the planets also revolve upon their axes in the same direction as they revolve in their orbits; that is, from west to east.

This movement is called the diurnal rotation. The time occupied by the diurnal rotation of the planets is as follows:. Correction for 10 seconds for each 15 deg. Internal between the previous noon Aug. Correction of 10 seconds per hour of interval between previous noon and birth 14 h.

Correction of 10 seconds for each 15 degrees east Longitude subtracted :. Interval from previous noon Aug. Correction of 10 seconds each hour of interval from previous noon to birth : 00 02 Correction of 10 seconds for each 15 degrees W.

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