Marriage day 2 february numerology

Number 1 is a number of beginnings therefore shows that this marriage has been built on a heated passion that will in time switch to a mutual agreement to leading a responsible life. When the number of your marriage is 2: it suggests romance and peace. It is characteristic for two individuals that have decided to stay together and are connected through a strong feeling of belonging.

Two is a number of the couple so you will probably discover in time that you match just like puzzle pieces as long as you lean on each other and spend as much time together as possible. This marriage is also based on home comfort and you both have the desire to have a house and a big family. When the number of your marriage is 3: This number suggests modernism, exuberance and general success. It defines a couple that is sociable and open to new experiences but also relies on the comfort of each other. If you manage to understand and be honest with yourself and with your partner it will definitely be a marriage in which both of you can grow and follow your paths.

Just as 3 is the number of the 3 wishes this marriage can work if the two of you wish for it to work. When the number of your marriage is 4: This is the number of the four elements, of the four seasons and suggests stability and practicality. It defines a relationship that is soon to escalate and become serious. This couple is stable and reliable and usually with little chances to break apart. However, they are prone to frustration and to growing apart because of boredom and of not being able to resist to outer temptations. These two form a stable and safe family but should not forget of the feelings that first united them and just remember to be romantic from time to time.

This is a marriage in which the two permanently invest in the base of their relationship and are often more interested in practicalities in life. It suggests a marriage built on passion and common interests. It usually gathers complex personalities with a mind of their own that are in a permanent search for adventure and new experiences.

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Marriage Numerology Meanings

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